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H o Chi Minh City, June 11, 2022

Dear Chinese President Xi Jinping,

Your Honor, on May 27, 2022, You chaired the 39th session of the Communist Party of China on the “National Research Program to Understand the Origins of Chinese Civilizations to raise awareness among the Chinese Communist Party members and the people in the country about China's historical values and cultural background,” I am so glad I wrote this letter to tell you the story.

Sir, the Vietnamese have a saying: "A bird has a nest, a man has a tribe" implying that ancestral origin is of paramount importance to a person as well as a nation. A human with unknown ancestors is an immature human. A people whose ancestors are unknown is also an immature nation. Sadly, despite always boasting 24 sets of National History, the Chinese still don't know who their ancestors are until now! In 2007, China, based on legend, carved a hill in Zhengzhou city on the Yellow River to make statues of two men and then declared it to be Emperor and Yandi, two ancestors of the Chinese people. Looking at the statue, the people naturally asked the following questions:

1. Emperor appeared 4698 years ago, Yandi lived about 5300 years ago, they were live 600 years apart, how can they meet to give birth to Chinese people?

2. Anyone's ancestor is a male and female pair. How did two men give birth to cubs of billions of people?

3. As a descendant of the Emperor, the Chinese are only 4698 years old so far, too young! Does this contradict your assumption that China has 5000 years of history?

4. Many documents show that Yandi is a southerner, so his skin is black. So the person on the statue can the Yandi?!

Statue of Yandi and Emperor in Zhengzhou

Legend is an imaginary story vague as smoke. Its place is in the fanciful imagination. Once don't understand it well, they hurry erect a stone statue, causing it to dry up in the light of the sun!

For thousands of years, the Chinese have affirmed that the central plain of the Yellow River is the birthplace of Chinese people and civilization. Then from here the Huaxia civilization spread down to civilize the southern barbarians. But in 2016, after 80 years of studying the Liangzhu culture, the Chinese scholar declared: "The Liangzhu culture is the source of Chinese civilization." (1) Why is that strange, sir? A community born in the Yellow River basin, which had never crossed the Yangtze River before the Qin Dynasty, how could its cultural roots be in Hangzhou? Then, when discovering the culture of the Sanxing dui culture in Sichuan, the Chinese scholar said: "The Three Star Hills is also a source of Chinese civilization (?!)" How can one understand when a nation born from many origins? Not only that, sir, archeology has determined that the Sanxing dui culture is 4800 years old, that is, this culture appeared before Huaxia was born in a very far away land, how could it belong to China?!

Mr. Chairman, world science is applying molecular anthropology to understand Eastern history. Fortunately, China has become an archeology and genetics powerhouse. However, there is a long way between discovering archaeological remains and determining the genetic code and making judgments from that discovery. From the study of East Asian population genetics, two scholars Chuan-Chao Wang and Hui Li from Fudan University made the observation: "There are two migration routes of Africans that make up East Asian populations. The Southern route made the Southeast Asian population has the Australoid genetic code. Meanwhile, the Northern road made the Chinese farmer has Mongoloid genetic code. A large number of Chinese peasants poured down, replacing the indigenous people, making up the modern Southeast Asian population.” (2) With such a "scientific" conclusion, of course the Vietnamese must be the descendants of the Chinese. The Chinese are satisfied with this conclusion because it proves the thought "China is the center"! Interpreting from this conclusion, Chinese scholars believe that people from the Yellow River basin down to the Southern make up the subject of the Baiyue community. Meanwhile, a part of Baiyue ran down to North Vietnam, becoming the Vietnamese population. Therefore, the Global Times urges Vietnamese people "a stray son, come back home!" Unfortunately, however, in reaching such a conclusion, scholars Wang and Li have forgotten the rudimentary principle of genetics: "Ancestors have higher biodiversity than descendants." According to this principle, as descendants, the Vietnamese must have lower biodiversity than the Chinese! But in fact, every genetic study of the Asian population confirms: “Asian people are of the same Southern Mongoloid strain. In which the Vietnamese have the highest biodiversity, that is, the Vietnamese are the oldest community in the Asian population.” (3)

Thus, despite the accurate detection of the distribution of four East Asian population haplogroups (O, C, D, N), when judging their origin, two famous geneticists from Fudan University were wrong tragically. Not only did they overturn their common sense, turning their ancestors into descendants, they also defied the truth: as a land that escaped latest from the glacial period, the population of the Yellow River basin formed late, unable to have a large enough number of people to replace the population of mainland Southeast Asia is very crowded. Two authors Wang and Li have the merit to determine the distribution of four haplogroups C, D, N, O in East Asia, but because their origin is unknown, the explanation is not satisfactory. If knew that they came from Vietnam, everything would be clear.

Meanwhile, by my research, I have discovered: 70,000 years ago, two big strains of Australoid and Mongoloid from Africa followed the Southern route to Vietnam. Here they met, giving birth to the ancient Vietnamese with Australoid genetics. 50,000 years ago, people from Vietnam spread to the islands of Southeast Asia, to Australia and India. 40,000 years ago, thanks to a better climate, the ancient Vietnamese went up to explore China. A part went to Siberia and then through the Bering Strait to occupy the Americas. A branch from Western China through Central Asia into Europe makes up the European ancestor. Surveying the remains of the man in Tianyuan Cave Zhoukou dian, genetics confirmed: "He came from Hoa Binh Vietnam to 40,000 years ago, is the ancestor of the Chinese, Korean, Japanese and the stem of Native American" (4) On the Mainland, the descendants of Tianyuan built the Jiahu culture 9,000 years ago, Hemudu 7000 years ago, Yangshao 7000 years ago... In the Yangshao culture, the Australoid Vietnamese merged with the Northern Mongoloid people (also from Vietnam), giving birth to the Southern Mongoloid race, known as modern Viet. Modern Viet people increased in number, became the population subject of the Yellow River basin, and built two economic and cultural centers in Trong Nguon (now Zhongyuan) and Taishan. 5300 years ago, the ancestors of the Viet people, Shennong, built the first state in the Eastern including the Yangtze and Yellow River basins with the capital Liangzhu. About 4698 years ago, the Northern Mongols led by the Xuanyan family attacked Zhulu, occupied the Central Yellow River basin, and established the Emperor's dynasty. In the Emperor's state, the Viet mixed blood with the Mongols, giving birth to a hybrid class called Huaxia. Because the Viet mother was born, drank Viet milk, spoke Viet, and was imbued with Viet culture, Huaxia is Viet people. Having received two genetic resources and two Mong - Viet cultures, the Huaxia people have excellent qualities. When grew up, they replaced his Mongolian father leading of society, creating the Golden Age in Eastern history. The community living in the Emperor's dynasty called the Chinese. Because of the great prestige of the Emperor, the people assigned to his many predecessors's merits and honored him as their ancestor. The legend "The Chinese are descendants of the Yandi and Emperor" was born. However, that is a big mistake. The Mongols entered the Zhongyuan with the Emperor to create the Huaxia people. Huaxia is not a ethnicity, but a hybrid class born when two heterogeneous communities meet. Sometime later, Huaxia was assimilated by the Viet people to become Viet. Just like the Yuan people followed Kublai Khan, the Qing people followed Àixīnjuéluó into China to give birth to the Yuan people and Qing people. Only time later, all became Chinese. Kublai Khan and Àixīnjuéluó were not ancestor of Chinese, so the Emperor was also not of Chinese ancestry. "The Chinese are descendants of the Yandi and Emperor" is a mistake due to the ambiguity of history!

Because of the Emperor's invasion, a part of the Viet in Taishan and Trong Nguon ran down to South Yangtze and then went on to Vietnam, bringing Mongoloid genetic to convert the populations of Yangtze River basin and Vietnamese to Southern Mongoloid strains. Genetics and archeology confirm that this was a peaceful genetic transition that took place over about half a millennium. Until 2000 BC, people from the Southern Yellow River to Vietnam are only one Southern Mongoloid strain. In this genetic transformation, a small number of Southern Mongoloid people descended from the Yellow River basin, supplementing the Mongoloid gene for the Vietnamese population, which already had Mongoloid genes available from 70,000 years ago. Therefore, the Vietnamese have the highest biodiversity among the Asian population. Due to the above formation process, the populations of Vietnam and China are both modern Vietnamese of the Southern Mongoloid strain, whose ancestors were born in Bonfo village of the Yangshao culture 7,000 years ago. The age of modern Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese must be calculated from this point. The Huaxia people born after the invasion of the Emperor 4698 years ago have lighter skin, so they call the indigenous people "Li people" which means black people. But then, due to continuous blood mixing with the native Viet, all of the Chinese people became black: Diku, the fourth generation of the Emperor, had skin as black as a cormorant. King Chengshang is as black as coal. Lao Tzu has a glossy black skin... Huaxia dissolves in the Viet community.

The process of population formation in East Asia shows that the ancient Viet occupied China and gave birth to the Chinese population. Of course, Vietnamese is the subject of Chinese language. Before the Emperor appeared, the ancient Viet people created brilliant cultures such as Jiahu, Hemudu, Liangzhu... Since 6500 years ago, with the ancestor Fuxi, the Viet completed the creation of the I Jing. At the same time, the Oracle was nearly mature, used in divination, sacrifice and brought to Anyang area, Henan. In 1400 BC, when occupying Anyang land from the Viet, the En dynasty, with its strong and creative monarchy, took advantage of the efforts and wisdom of the Viet to perfect and develop the Oracle into Confucian characters. The Confucian characters is a persistent creation of the Viet people from 10,000 years ago, starting on the Sapa rocks to the Yangtze and Yellow River basin, and then perfected by the Shang, bringing the East into the historical period.

Mr. Chairman, I have presented the above ideas in the books: The Formation Process of The Origin and Culture of The Viet People (, Out of Vietnam Explore Into The World ( The problem with Eastern history is the prehistoric period, which science has never reached before. Unexpectedly, while searching for the origins and culture of the Vietnamese, the research materials shed light on Chinese history and culture. Thanks to that, it helped me finish the book Rewriting Chinese History - It can be said that in it, the basic issues of Chinese history and culture are presented in a consistent and scientific manner. However, that is the history of a person anyway. It would be nice to be read and critiqued by Chinese scholars to learn more.

Eastern culture is like a great tree whose roots are deep and durable in Vietnam, while its branches are luxuriant with fragrant flowers and sweet fruits flourishing in the Yangtze and Yellow River basins. Although the Emperor is not a Chinese ancestor, he is a great historical figure. He made a wonderful harmony between the good elements of the Mongolian nomadic civilization with the Viet agricultural culture, creating the Yao, Shun, Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties - the Golden Age in Eastern history. Viet Confucian culture is crystallized in the Four Books, the Five Classics with masters such as Lao Tzu, Confucius ... That is the Eastern Wisdom, the pinnacle of human civilization. Eastern Wisdom is the torch that lights the way which all future generations must come and ask for fire. That is what the President is leading the Chinese people to seek. Today's work is to study to understand the history of the Viet people correctly in order to find the Tao Viet and then use Tao Viet as a guide to exploit the wisdom left behind by the ancestors, to guide the Eastern nations and humanity go.

East Asian humans were formed in two periods, starting 70,000 years ago. Too much time has erased most of the traces. The oldest skulls left by the ancestors are only 32,000 years old. Fortunately, thanks to the DNA that nature recorded in the our blood, we found the 70,000-year-old Ancestor who gave birth to the ancient Vietnamese. Thanks to DNA and archeology, we know that the Patriarch 7000 years ago on the banks of the Yellow River gave the class we are today. Due to the ignorance of history, due to greed, millennia, although of the same lineage, we distinguish Hua and Di in order to fight and kill, causing Viet blood to flow into rivers.

Hopefully one day, thanks to finding our roots, the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese will hold hands and go to Bonfo village in Shaanxi, to build a temple to worship the ancestor 7000 years ago so that descendants will live forever smoke. After that, returning to Hoa Binh Vietnam, we built the Temple of the Ancestors of Humankind, worshiping the Ancestors 70,000 years ago, who gave birth to not only East Asian people but all mankind outside Africa. Hopefully, with our sincerity, and with the blessing of the ancestors' sacred souls, descendants of the Viet lineage all over the world will go on pilgrimage to worship to build the (Thai Binh Minh Triet) Peace Wisdom world together.

Wishing Mr. President good health and success.

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