Việt Văn Mới
Việt Văn Mới

tranh của Santhosh Kumar (Ấn Độ)


Ukraine beautiful under the blue sky
Sunflower fields and wheat fields like Ukrainian hair
They are happy in peace
Suddenly bombs drop on their head
Rockets, Guide missiles hit their houses
Apartments, hospitals, schools, churches… collapsed
Heavy weapons devastated
Putin’s hands flood in blood
He alive without heart
Putin or put in the hole?
We can call he with another name: Hades
Most people in the world cursing
Putin must die
Our world will better if he died
Putin, a mass murder
Ukrainian no fear
They are super courage
They are become Warriors
Standing protect their country
World history have a new heroism song
Ukrainian stand for independence and freedom
History will remember a war criminal
The worst tyrant in the modern
Putin destroying Ukraine and Russia too
He wants to be the red king long life
This is the shameful of Russian
Who can stop him?
Only Russian
Standing and tear down the cruel regime

Atlanta, 03/22

CÙ NHÂY     

Đã bảo thôi không quỡn
Sao cứ giỡn cù nhây
Khiến người ta ghét lây
Mặc thằng tây chú chệt

Bọn độc tài y hệt
Tham quyền lực lợi danh
Bắng nhắng trò trẻ ranh
Tranh đất giành giật biển

Pu Tin thua liểng xiểng
Mồm miệng vẫn hung hăng
Làm bậy cứ nói xằng
Tẩy chay thằng rồ dại

Tập xếnh xáng lải nhải
Mộng cai trị bá quyền
Le lưỡi bò liếm biển
Diệt văn hóa Tạng truyền

Thế giới này đảo điên
Cái ác triền miên họa
Kẻ thủ ác ắt đọa
Diêm vương đợi chúng mày

Ta nói cho mà hay
Dừng ngay thì sẽ chuyển
Người tha thứ mọi chuyện
Quyền sống rất thiêng liêng

Ất Lăng thành, 10/22


How to write love poems?
When always stay at home
No more love with other
And heart sleep in prison

I can write without inspiration
Words hide and think empty
Human no love like zombies
The bodies walk no bury

If we live without literature
Human being not different animal
Just fight for food, holes
Impossible to imagine our world

Without humanity, literature, poem, art
Our world become Jurassic Park
Big fishes swallow small fishes
We see Putin invades Ukraine

At Asia Xijing Ping harmful Taiwan
Bullying and trapped to neighborhood
They're cruel regimes and violence
The worst dictators and tyrants

How to write while suffering?
Bombs, rockets...drop on Ukrainian
Who can stop war criminal?
Who can kick **** Putin?

We respect all living beings
But Putin die will better
Shoot, hanging or something
This is final for Putin

Georgia, 03/22